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    Electric steam generator use

    user:admin time:2018-11-29 view:2024

    The electric steam generator is also called a small-sized electric steam boiler and a miniature electric steam boiler. It is a micro-boiler that automatically replenishes water and heats at the same time continuously produces low-pressure steam. The small water tank, the water pump and the control operating system are integrated. No complicated installation is required, just plug in the water and power.

    Its basic working principle is: through an automatic control device to ensure that the liquid controller or high, medium and low electrode probes feedback control the opening and closing of the water pump during operation, the length of water supply, and the heating time of the furnace; The maximum steam pressure is set, and the water level of the furnace is continuously decreased with the continuous output of steam. When it is in the low water level (mechanical type) and the middle water level (electronic type), the water pump automatically replenishes the water. When the water level is high, the water pump stops the water supply; At the same time, the electric heating tube in the furnace continues to heat, and the source continuously generates steam. The pointer pressure gauge on the upper part of the panel or the top part immediately displays the steam pressure value, and the whole process can be automatically displayed by the indicator light.

    Widely used in the washing and ironing industry: dry cleaning machine, dryer, washing machine, dewatering machine, ironing machine, iron, and other equipment; packaging machinery industry: labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine; biochemical industry: Fermentation tank, reaction kettle, sandwich pot, mixer, emulsifier and other equipment; food machinery industry: tofu machine, steamer, sterilization tank, packaging machine, coating equipment, sealing machine, and other equipment; Industry: (oil field, automobile) steam cleaning industry, (hotel, dormitory, school, mixing station) hot water supply, (bridge, railway) concrete maintenance, (leisure club) sauna bath, heat exchange equipment.

    Zhongrui brand electric steam boiler features:

    1. The water volume of the furnace body is small, and the steam production is fast, meeting the needs of users;

     2. Located in the large-capacity steam chamber on the upper part of the main body and the steam-water separation measures in the pot to ensure high-quality steam at any time;

     3. The furnace body has built-in extremely low water level protection device to detect the change of water level in the furnace body at any time to avoid dry burning of the furnace body and cause safety accidents;

     4, equipped with high-quality safety valve, globe valve, liquid level electrode (Japan Omron) pressure gauge and pressure controller and other safety accessories to ensure reliable operation;

     5, equipped with high-quality water level gauge, the boiler water level is clear and arguable;

    6, vertical structure, compact and beautiful, small footprint, elegant shape, bright color;

     7 Optional high-performance control system, strong anti-interference ability, convenient maintenance, safe and reliable work, ensuring long-term stable operation of the boiler in harsh environment;

     Protective function:

     1. Over-temperature interlock protection: When the temperature inside the boiler exceeds the set value, the heater is prohibited from working and an alarm is given.

    2. Water shortage protection: When the boiler is short of water, the burner control circuit is cut off in time to prevent the furnace body from being burnt and damaged, and the controller issues a water shortage alarm indication.

    Exemption instructions:
    According to the general provisions of Article 99 of the “Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations”, “Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations”, the normal water level water volume of the evaporator is less than 30L, and the product safety performance is not in the scope of boiler safety supervision. Special equipment installation inspection.


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