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    development path

    Zhongrui Group mainly develops R&D, manufacturing, promotion and application of clean energy and new energy technologies in China, and through the abundant human resources, manufacturing resources and perfect industrial chain in mainland China, it completes the mainland China market and radiates the world. The industrial layout of environmentally friendly boilers. And in various provinces and cities across the country with branches, offices, responsible for product sales and after-sales service.

    In the extremely scarce energy status, in February 2010, Zhongrui Group and the Royal Institute of Technology jointly established “Nanjing Zhongrui Boiler Co., Ltd.”, relying on foreign talents and technological advantages, and timely introducing the most advanced energy-saving and environmental protection technologies in Europe. Promote “Zhongrui” brand fuel, gas and electric boilers that use clean energy as fuel.

    In July 2010, “Zhongrui Boiler” won the title of “The Most Environmentally Responsible Enterprise” in the 4th Green Expo of Shandong Province.

    In November 2011, it expanded again and established “Yangzhou Zhongrui Boiler Co., Ltd.”. In 2012, it cooperated with a boiler manufacturing company in Jilin Province to rely on the manufacturing resources of the old industrial base in Northeast China, complementing resources and exploring the northern market.

     In July 2015, Yangzhou Zhongrui Boiler Co., Ltd. obtained the B-class boiler manufacturing license and introduced a high-efficiency condensing waste heat recovery gas-fired boiler with a thermal efficiency of 96-103%. The product is fully in line with the low-nitrogen economic technology advocated by the Copenhagen Climate Conference in Denmark. World trends.

      In addition, the company has independently developed condensed indirect heating hot water unit (boiler), condensing vacuum hot water unit (boiler) condensing atmospheric hot water unit (boiler), flue gas waste heat recovery organic heat carrier (heat transfer oil) boiler, biogas boiler, Environmentally friendly coal-fired boilers, biomass boilers, etc.

    Zhongrui Boiler, which is responsible for energy conservation and emission reduction, maintains close cooperation with many large enterprises at home and abroad. The company's products are widely used in the processing of industrial products such as textile, printing and dyeing, paper, food, rubber, plastics, chemicals, medicine, steel, metallurgy and so on. The process requires steam and hot water, and can be used for heating, bathing, air conditioning and domestic hot water in enterprises, institutions, hotels, schools, restaurants, service industries and other industries.
      The company has advanced European technology management system, exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality staff. With the business philosophy of “technology, environmental protection and innovation”, with technology as the core and market demand as the guide, creating China's low-nitrogen boiler superior brand will become the inexhaustible driving force of Zhongrui people!

    2010.02 Zhongrui Boiler entered China, Nanjing Zhongrui Boiler Co., Ltd. was established

    2010.03 Electric steam generator (3~36Kw)

    2010.05 fuel gas steam generator (30-50kg)

    2010.10 Fuel and gas dual purpose hot water boiler

    2011.02 Development of condensing pressureless hot water boiler

    2011.03 Development of condensing waste heat recovery gas hot water boiler

    2011.04 Development of vacuum hot water boiler

    2011.05 Development of boiling water boiler

    2011.12 Established Yangzhou Zhongrui Boiler Co., Ltd.

    2012.01 Development of condensing waste heat recovery gas steam boiler

    2012.01 Development of water tube steam boiler

    2012.01 Development of a smoke tube steam boiler (0.5~1 tons)


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